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Alice Galleway

Alice Galleway

Your true path escapes definition, you create it as you walk in

I believe in the ability of each individual to create his own path to live the best life ones deserves. By being a career counsellor during several years, I was paid to advice my unemployed clients in their job search strategy. Teaching my knowledge about techniques and tricks to perform in an interview and offering « my » knowledge to someone who was in need for was usefull but not enough. I always respect my clients by serving them in the best way I could. My satisfaction was coming from the utility of my advices helping them to make progress. Right. Fair enough. That is a first step till the point I started to feel something was missing in my work to support them to achieve the outcome they were expecting to reach, in and for their life, having a meaningful job for a sustainable life.

I started to observe my clients in greater depth and more foundamentally. The common point I made was that most of the time, when we feel lost, at first hand, we try to find a solution outside (out-side of the self). The reflex is to intend to ask friends, spouse, parents and colleagues about what should we do regarding the challenge of finding the right and good job for us. It is not wrong. If taking advice is usefull, I think it is not the starting point. From my perspective, being clear about what our internal world (In-Side our Self) is telling to do is more powerful. By listenning my inner voice, I am more able and capable to take the right and best decision to create the life I deserve.

At that point of time in my career counsellor’s life, I started to refrain myself to give answers about what my client « should » be, do, think or feel about their career. I have chosen to put my focus in supporting them to discover their own world honoring the way they were seeing things. I realise, even if I was working blindfolded here, by holding the space to facilitate their progress in having the capacity to listen what is inside themselves going on, I started to meet regularly my client empowered, self-accountable, responsible in taking decisions for themselves instead of making their choice based on external world’s advices. Witnessing the client’s transformation in becoming their own entreprenor of their life, they start to nourrish self-love and self-acceptance. Looking back, those two components represent the roots of their life project.

That was a breakthrough for my own individual life as well as the rational, intellectual, reasonable being I was. How is it possible to bring love and kindness in the professional area, when client is here to discuss about professional opportunities ? From my mind, my intellect to my heart, I was unable to connect the dots. Here is the place I am coming from. For me, love was about loving my kids or my spouse but myself ? What is the link with choosing a job ? I grew up in a world, in a time and in a culture from my childhood till today, where I was used to hear « when you enter the company, leave your feelings and emotions behind you, put them in the locker room and take them back on your way out » or about studies « Love and studies are not compatible ».

The distancing in the separation of emotions and the intellectual part is so nourrished from our conditionnings and believings since we got borned, we forgot as Human Being that we are whole and one, and all is interconnected. This link, this interconnection, when established again makes the internal dialogue clearer, greater and encouraging.

This was litteraly a breakthrough in my work (and in my heart !). My second life as a Life & Career transition coach started. I decided to enter the profession of coaching in a professionnal way by curiosity at first in order to check if my conclusions were right, because my intellectual part was asking for proof. I was as well highly « attracted » by this « calling » without really knowing why. It was like « coming from my gut » but I did not care to much about this. At that stage, I was not able to listen more the other part of my Being except my mental part.

By stepping into the Professional Coaching World, I discovered a unique profession designed to honor authentically Human Being in their wholeness (including spiritualy as well, but this specific topic requires at least a full and complete article dedicated), meeting them where they are and with what they have to offer. I have learnt and practiced what is to be in that space of non-judgement, non-critic, non-evaluation and non-influence. Such a great world which has transformed my own reality ! My purpose with my clients is to create for them that space of self-discovery for themselves, to learn by experimenting how to listen their inner voice and how to act to reach their goal. Reconnecting them to their most resourceful space (which is in-side Self), is the front door where lies the path which leads toward their Life goals.

Today my Life Purpose is to serve the world and his humanity to live the best version of the life they deserve. Everything I do is not coming by me but through me. I don’t own my work, I feel gifted to be a channel through which facilitation happens. Witnessing human transformation is a gift that has been offered to me. I feel deeply grateful to all my client, because since the beginning they are part of my progress. I am learning, growing and evolving everyday thanks to them. I feel infinitely and deeply grateful to my mentor Peter J. Reding whose presence conveyed me on the right path for myself, the path I was endowed to create. 

Such great journey !


Alice Gallwey

Quotes about the topic :

« A way can be a guide, but not a fixed path (tr. Thomas Cleary 1991) »

« Existence is beyond the power of words to define (tr. Witter Bynner 1944) »

« The truth that may be told is not the everlasting Truth (tr. Cheng Lin 1949) »

 « Microscopic discernment within

Is the path of clarity.

The tenderest embrace is the strongest.

Let your own true radiance guide you,

For inner clarity is return to the Origin,

Where one’s true self finds protection. »

— Laozi (Verse 52, tr. Brian Donohue)

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