Alice Gallwey

Alice Gallwey


« Self-accountability is being the CEO, the strongest supporter and the police of your life, all at once. »

Self-accountability is the ability to account for your own life, as a Human Being, at all levels of our fundamental existence, from a place of self-responsability rather than the ego’s attachment. It’s what builds the bridge between the desire to achieve whatever you want to accomplish, and follow through from action to completion. From intention, to commitment, to action, to completion, self-accountability makes the difference. It brings solidity, mature authority to your process of change and growth. To what degree are you harnessing and channeling your ideas, your energy, your passion, your natural talents and your skills to transform your challenges and concerns ?

Self-accountability removes the blocks by keeping you away from excuses and mental barriers, such the victim mentality, while encountering high challenges and obstacles. It involves taking risks, assuming the results of our actions, choices and behaviours, going out of the comfort zone of complaining, blaming and accusing others, because you are the only common character involved in the center of the story of your life. The way we look at external circumstances, apparently out of our control, influence how to respond to them.

On the field of work, self-accountability is like being the CEO of your own career, by making responsible decisions based on where you want to go. How much are you trusting your talent and valuing your potential ? Therefore, do you sponsor your career and manage to develop it to assure its value keep growing ? You are the manager of your talent. Don’t wait till someone else will notice how much you do and will give you the recognition you are deserving. Take stock of your triumphs. Sing your praises. It’s not about being selfish rather honouring sincerely who you are honestly and how you contribute genuinely.

Self-accountability is an « up to me » mindset that you choose to adopt – or not – up to you !

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