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Alice Gallwey

Alice Gallwey

Purpose & Passion

« Your uniqueness is the birthplace where new perspectives are raised. Take your creativity seriously. »

Most of my clients come to me with the mindset of « I won’t sell my soul anymore to an employer but I don’t know what I’m passionate about and what I’m supposed to do ! »

They want a meaningful and fulfilling career. They are compelling themselves to make a difference in their career and life. That is where purpose and passion take place. It’s not about saying that eveybody could make a living from nourrishing one of their passion or making a living from their hobbies or by practicing their favorite sport ! The inspiration and significance come from the energy you provide in your daily-life. Passion is a feeling, it ignites the fire of your life. The significance of your life-purpose needs to be discovered, pursued and put to use. Passion will result.

At a first level, I have noticed how my clients are freed up when they go back to the basics of their interests and joys but that doesn’t mean they’re going to make a living from this. That brings simplicity and alignment back into their life. It leads to new freedom in their day-to-day routines and fills them with inspiration to develop their potential of getting inspired.

At a higher level, to live a life with a purpose brings congruency, cohesiveness and harmony. What does it mean for you personnaly to live your life in purpose ?  What do you want to contribute for ? Which worthy significant life-goal do you choose ? How could you play this significant role in life ? What are you doing to develop your potential of getting inspired ?

This is not only about your career. It is about your whole life, and career is one component. It is about how you feel everyday in each moment of the day. Being alive in who you are and what you do, because it’s coming through you, not by you. It is about the impact for you and the world around you.

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