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Sustainable life
Alice Gallwey

Alice Gallwey

How to create and maintain the sustainable life you deserve

Imagine you’re at a career cross road, wishing to operate a transformation in your life. Culturally, what is acceptable to demonstrate in our organisations could make us wear a professional mask. Because it happens daily – like an automatic-pilot-mode – since the first day we entered the company who we’re working for, we could get so used to this protective mecanism that we could have forgotten we are wearing it. This mask hides our deep convictions and passions and could have disconnected us from our core values, even our life purpose.

If we think to operate a major career change by focusing only on the visible part of ourself, the productivity we bring to life – the doingness – the risk is high to miss what is behind this mask, and probably the most important thing of oneself, our Being. We are more that what we just do. What could we find behind this forgotten professional mask ? How to connect back to our own wholeness ?

In order to be fully yourself when you’re at your work place, or when designing your new professional pathway, or in life in general, pull down the mask to welcome your authentic-self, your being in his most wonderful part : your humanity. Because your humanity is not only made of physical feelings, mind and intelligence, but as well emotions, intuitions and Soul. Diving in all those areas would bring you clarity to use your full potential. Discover the best version of yourself to deeply express your energy, your creativity and (re-)bring your passion into action.

How to do that ? How to be your most authentic self in the professional world, where the rational part is given more importance at the expense of the emotional, the intuitive and the spiritual part of the human being ? Nine concepts play an important part in determining your general level of being happy and successful in your career development (and not only). How effective do you believe you are in handling and performing through each of these 9 criteria ?

The way I suggest to look at it is in a different perspective from what we’ve usually encounter. Indeed, if you produce the results you want in your current professionnal life, you usually continue taking the actions which produced those results. However, if you don’t produce the results you want – and in the case of thinking about career transition, the guess is you’re more in this secund situation – you have 3 options.

First, the « do nothing mode » is for those who think that the result is outside of their control. The second mode, the « change your action » is for those – usually most of us – who are coming from a problem solving mentality. The third option consists in « changing the way we look at things ». From that place, we can experience transformation in our life. Here, we have the optimum chance of development because we can learn how to undertake new actions.

Proposition here is to look at it from this third perspective, with a new pair of eyes.

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