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Alice Gallwey

Alice Gallwey

Focus and commit

« Choosing wisely what you want to focus and commit to, brings the right expansion in your life. »

« On what you focus on expands ». Choosing wisely what you want to focus on in your life will bring that thing in your life. If you focus on your growth, your intentions, attention, thoughts processes and actions will be serving your goal of growth. If you focus on your lack of something (love, money, education, good job…) your life will turn on what is missing. And what is missing will take most of the space in your life. Choice is given to see how we personally want to look at things. Responsibility is on one’s shoulders to focus on what we really want, what we could do right now to build that and how to interact with in order to bring that expansion to one’s life.

When you connect and are clear with what is most important, meaningful and true for you personally, and with what should be brought into your life, the direction become clearer. With direction, your commitments, your decisions to act would be really simplified and more natural. The alignement of your decisions and actions with your core-values and your mission will bring you self-guidance. This self-guidance fills you with empowerment. From that prospective, you’ll regain momentum, determination and willpower. « You are your own source » and the strengths is coming from your inner essence.

How much are you aware of the power which comes from within you ? How do you understand you’re much capable of adjusting yourself so that you can feel better about the world ? To access that, it requires to create a space in your whole life : physical by allowing place and time, emotional in feeling with the energy, mental in doing things consciously, spiritual when everything you do in your very routine is interconnected to create and build your way of being.

Grab some paper and start writing it down : What do you choose to focus on ? What do you commit to bring to your life ?

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