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Alice Gallwey

Alice Gallwey

Faith in one-self

« Resourcefulness is deeply rooted within you, developing the potential of being inspired is a tool and the pathway. »

Starting at a new position, entering your organisation with your ego, it is more than acceptable from the company’s societal convention. To fight for pushing for one’s agenda and for one’s visibility is an expected behaviour from that perspective. Determination and confidence are evidences.

However, what about if someone comes in his new workplace with deep & rooted convictions instead ? What about questioning, caring, doubt and vulnerability ? Have they their place in the workplace market ? Is it possible to experiment confidence if doubt is repudiate ? What is his place in career transition ?

The reason can be understand by imagining the opposite. What is the effect of failure ? Failure does that to us. We loose faith and determination because sometimes things don’t go according to plan. We lose complete confidence or trust not only in ourselves but in our potential as well. Confidence is having the knowledge that deeply rooted inside us, without any logic reason, things will get better. It has nothing to see with ego. It’s a lot more than this.

How do you believe in your vision or your project ? How do you believe in yourself, in your own abilities, in  your life or in your vital energy (whatever you name it) ? What do you do to reinforce faith in yourself in order to make you strong and unshakeable ?

Building and reinforcing confidence is a tool and a pathway to get the best out of you. Each individual deserves the very best in life. Knowing and trusting the potential is within yourself. Being committed to nurture your own inspiration and provide the space for change is a step.

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