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Alice Gallwey

Alice Gallwey


« Entrepreneurship is a mindset which involves creativity, autonomy, accountability while navigating in the sea of uncertainty and risk. »

How much are you taking this transition phase as an enterprise ? Coming from the « Human Resources » field, I have witnessed the decline of an ancient job market where the employer was responsible for his worker’s security, loyalty and ongoing employability. The employees competencies were designed according to employers needs and wishes. The measures of the career success were status, promotion and salary. At last, managing his career was more a question of length of service.

Today, the tendency of job market is more based on learning requirements and a question of self-transferability, where on average an individual will have 7 or 8 – at least – different bosses in his career-life. In this paradigm, the measure of success lies more in retribution based on the business contribution.

Managing one’s career lies in the ability to be autonomous while navigating in the sea of uncertainties. This ability for change and transformation requires this particular mindset of being and acting with an entrepreneurial spirit. Each individual is accountable and self-reliant for his self-development.

Maintaining and developing self-employability is directly correlated with 3 factors. First, the capacity to expand new social network. Secondly is the capacity to market and promote oneself. Thirdly is to proof creativity to achieve one’s own goals. In addition to these 3 factors, motivation is an inner driver. Motivation doesn’t come from the company who is hiring. Those workers who succeed are those who are taking the entrepreneur’s hat in managing their own career. The value created for oneself and for the market is your own responsability.

A job is an economic partnership where services are exchanged and value created. It is on our shoulders to seek out and develop beneficial market relationships as the entrepreneur allocates his own labor and capital. That involves awareness, insights, initiative, taking risk (even for failure), doing things delibaretely, with care and creativity, considering the consequences and owning one’s choices. It is an expansion of one’s soul to serve one’s whole person eliminating apathy, routine, following procedures and timeserver modes of life.

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