Alice Gallwey

Alice Gallwey


« As a social being, master your connection instead of mastering your communication. »

Improving life, achieving goals, growing and developing ourselves require an effective and skillfull communication to avoid chaos, confusion and lack of coordination. It can make the difference in finding a job !

It is vital for self-employability and for entrepreneurs. Whatever the channel, social network (real or online), marketing strategy, knowing how and what you can bring to the table is part of the process of self-development. It is useful as well for associate oneself with the right people to support one’s growth. It is vital for our personal life as well. In to most intimate form, the communication happens within oneself. Everyone has made the experience of listening one’s little voice in his head. How do you listen and respond to it ? How do you cope with it when it gives you injunctions as « you have to do… » or « you should be more… » ? How do you let your inner-communication inspire yourself or anyone else in life ?

Beneath communication there is connection. Have you ever experienced that strong sense of connection with someone who made the moment memorable ? It occurs when you’re able to hear, listen and understand (or being heard, listened to or understood) beyond and beneath words, with authenticity, love, trust, openness, sincerity, honesty and safety. When you feel connected, it’s operating from a synergy and communication begins to flow much more easily and effortlessly.

Connection to oneself nurtures the free flow of ideas. Being connected with depth and continuity, facilitates constant learnings, evolving, sharing and developing ideas to good use. Any human being is part of the whole, interdependent with everything and in connection with it. How you strengthen your connection is what will allow you to achieve your desired identity and strengthen your personal brand in your organization. A « good communicator » has the right intentions and a sincere approach to create bonds, interests and reliability.

If communication is the question, connection would be the answer. If communication is the liner, connection would be the depth. Communication is impactful when connection is powerful.

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