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Alice Gallwey

Alice Gallwey

Acceptance of Authenticity

« Hold the pen to write your life’s story, endorse it with your most authentic signature. »

Are you congruent with your real identity and your public/professional image ? Are you pushed to action by an external motivation (as money, prize or recognition from others) or by an internal motivation, that force which leads you to achieve a goal for your personal satisfaction or desire ? The gap between who you are now and your authentic self could be the origin of fear, anxiety, doubts, stress, detachment, guilt, shame, fake or unsincere actions.

At the basis of self-development goals, life transition, or improving your leadership style lies the search for authenticity. « Life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself » George Bernard Shaw said. The question is highly linked with the acceptance of oneself : How does oneself accept and assume their off-road path ? Having the courage to acknowledge one’s current limitations, fears and resistances allow to overcome them. Being aligned is when thoughts, beliefs, words and actions are secure enough to resist external pressure. For real change to happen, let go of self-criticism and self-judgment.

Human nature, personality traits, learned behaviors, beliefs, needs, conditionnings, added to people, events and choices an individual met along life made all of us unique. That is precisely what built one’s background, making it untypical. We don’t like or trust people who appear false (even we avoid them !). Same for ourself. How much credit do you give to yourself or your actions ?

Knowing yourself in your most authentic nature is a step. Being true and real to you is a second step. Accepting and nurturing it is the third step to have a significant and accomplished life. When you act from your authentic self, when what you do is fully accepted and aligned with who you are, you experiment serenity, success, significance, self-confidence and demonstrate more vitality, self-esteem and well-being.

Who do you want to be ? In the answer lies wisdom, passion and commitment to stand up for doing who you are. Being authentic is about being and showing our best version. Let « speak the truth as it seems to you ».

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