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We create a safe space
for your inward journey.

Your life is singular and unique,
so is our approach.

Just link your finger prints, the method which we have created is focused on your uniqueness. We do not use test that could lock you in and categorize you but a tailored-made approach, which reveals your singularity and brings clarity through your lens.

Our services


Feeling stuck in your career and need clarity to evolve? Do you believe there is something more to discover in your personal or professional life?

Gain the tools, support and guidance that will lead to a fulfilling and purposeful life and career.


Do you want your workforce, leaders or potential leaders to maximize their effectiveness in an international environment to boost your company’s bottom line?

Spread coaching philosophy in your organisation and give your employee poise and confidence to reach his/her potential.

Young graduates

Do you want to ensure your career’s fulfillment by being prepared to enter the job market?

Gain invaluable insights to discover who you are and what is the right career to accelerate your job search.


Do you consider any opportunity to change? Are you in search of a new learning experience?

Our individualized coaching is a response to this period of professional transition surrounding expatriation.

Our Method

Foundation to gain sharper clarity.
To what makes you alive.
A powerful prospective to encourage and enable action.
Your possibilities Beyond Borders.
When greater alignment and a sense of fulfillment take place in your life.

Personal Development Weekend

Dedicated to female leaders who learned how to reach influential roles, by using men codes and going against their instincts.

You’ll have the opportunity to see new perspectives to encourage and empower you to take action.

Beyond Borders Career Coaching effectiveness

An empirical study has used a controlled design to evaluate the impact of the Beyond Borders Career method. This quantitative review shows the beneficial individual-level outcomes of coaching, such as self-performance, skills, well-being, work attitudes, goal-directed self-regulation, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee (= the client).

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Our Clients' Success

If this speaks to you, and you are serious about investing in yourself, let's talk.

We provide tailored-made sessions, with a unique and holistic approach.